A Legend Today, Tomorrow & Next Week

A Legend Today, Tomorrow & Next Week

As I look out my window waking up in the middle of the night, first thing I see is the street….
It reminds me that I’m gonna be a Legend Today, Tomorrow, And next week….
The black top, what us black males use to get to the top!
Where red blood is shed right under the red sign that reads STOP!
Where kids grow up fast, because both parents weren’t around to watch!
The same streets, which helped Jordan, make it to the league….
The same streets, which allowed Bolt to have the quickest feet….
And plenty other legends of Today, Tomorrow, and Next week!
A legend I am to be!!….Just because of the streets!!….
With multiple choices: slang rock, slang pussy, slang dreams or slang ya heat…
Robbery, fast money, plenty drugs, and now wheels that spin….
Gold rings, gold chains, and now gold teeth when you grin….
You pray to God every night, but still, you sin.
Fill your body up with liquor, throw up, and say you won’t do it again….
But it’s all to be a legend, one of Today, Tomorrow, and Next Week.
Trying to become this legend, but now you took time to think!
Ok, I got Today and Tomorrow, but what about in 2 weeks?
Will Smith be the Legend again?
Will I be another number in the Federal or state pen?
Because the street life is the quickest way to get…a “NIGGA” in!!
But you still want to take a shot at being the big man….
So you still run the streets, wanting to be that legend, but now you run em with a plan….
Get Money and Get Out, because that’s what the streets about….
But you love all the clout,
Now the cops got you in their head count!!!!
Took the gamble, because life is really all a big bet!
No cell phone now, and the only calls you can make are collect!!
Legend to be, stuck, living the life they compare to hell….
Ya niggaz, said they love you, but still aint put shit up for bail….
Ya bitch, is getting fucked, but sending love letters in the mail!
Now, after years in jail, the judge released you, from your cell….
Read a couple books, so now you claim to be a better male….
Hmm…Fresh out, and you wanna take the job route,
But your body is filled wit tattoos and you have permanent gold in your mouth….
Still want to be a better man, but now your mind has doubt.
Plus the homies hit you up; they heard you touched down….
Picked up the phone, just so you could see what they were talkin bout….
“WE OUT HERE GETTIN MONEY!!” is the first thing them niggaz shout….
You laugh; say “Yal trippin man, I’m on a different path”
They laugh, tell you what’s up, and break down the simple math with it….sounded drastic,
Then they say “My nigga, you an ex-con, you tellin me you wanna ask niggaz….Paper or Plastic?”
You told em again, that aint you, you gotta be here for your kid,
Thought it was time to hang up, so you tol em “I’ll holla at yal niggaz”, then you did….
A legend to be, of Today, Tomorrow, and next week!
Jobs still aint came in, aint shit changed but the wind….
So you call ya nigga back, say “My bad bout last week, but neways, IM IN”
Thoughts come back of you, being that Hood Legend,
But only for Today, Tomorrow, and next week because you still aint learned your lesson….
And tonight is the night, you live up to that dream.
A Legend, with a pistol, ready to kill anything!
But shit aint go right, ya niggaz aint stick to the plan
Bullets start flying, and suddenly, down goes ya man
You start bustin back, tried hard and did all that you can….
But had to make a move quick, because you just heard a siren!
A legend to be….and here lies proof….
Cops from every way “HANDS UP OR WE’LL SHOOT”
Homies got away, one dead, but there was nothing you could do!
Be a Legend an shoot, but you know you won’t make it….
So you put your hands up, heat down, an watched em take it….
Handcuffed now, but there’s a plea! Yea, you can take it!
But then you’ll be a BITCH, and life? Yea, you’ll hate it!
Because you’ll be known as a SNITCH….
And a fags fan favorite!
So you kept your mouth shut….Hood principle to a man….
But then, you woke up and realized you had gone to sleep again….
Opened your blinds, seen the streets and took a good look.
Sunny day now, so you brush your teeth then go grab your books….
On the way to school is the front, because the streets have you Hooked
When you’re really pursuing being a Legend
Next Week

Written by: Yurz Trill’ly


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One thought on “A Legend Today, Tomorrow & Next Week

  1. Stephanie Edwards says:

    Continue to do you. Remember all things are possible especially if you keep GOD at your side. LOVE MY LIL BIG BRO

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