Enter the Danger Zone

We here at Sound Hype are all about trying new things out to the end, but with music, there’s no end. Ever.  It’s the continued commitment to trying so hard it hurts and ultimately you end up in the Danger Zone!! And that’s exactly where you’ll find 22-year old Hip-Hop artist, Proper’T, guarding his ground like a boss on his new hot track.

From a small town in Ottawa, Canada, Algonquin College graduate Tanner Foster had a passion for music, but focused more on sports.   It wasn’t until he was banned from playing sports due to a school-interest conflict that Tanner became committed writer and lyricist, Proper’T.  At that time, he became more involved with his passion for music and joined a band.   They played a few shows with all original music, except Classified’s “Oh Canada”. 

Near the end of high school, the band broke up as well as a relationship with a girlfriend that would later be on and off.  However, Proper’T kept writing and recording and has recently opened for Freeway in October and Mike Boyd in November.   In December, he will be competing at the CapCity Showdown and in the 9-0 Nickel’s 12th Annual Urban Talent Showcase in Toronto on January 3rd.  His current schedule includes prospective dates for the Canadian portion of Yo’Gotti’s ‘Errbody Tour’, which will all coincide with the release of his mix tape early in the new year; Danger Zone is the single off the project.

The support Proper’T has is massive.  His entire family is involved with his career, including his brother who joins him onstage under the pseudonym Sicession, along with their great friend Migs (Miguel). He keeps things close with a tight-knit group of friends from his school days and supports other artists Mayfield and Safekeeping, who he says are killing it right now. And to top it all off, he has a special lady in his corner, holding him down.

Proper’T is looking forward to performing for thousands, going on radio interviews, and elevating through his craft.   From an industry perspective, he is influenced by Classified, Machine Gun Kelly, Taking Back Sunday, A Day To Remember and Dr. Dre to name a few.  His inspiration is drawn from a wide source of musical greats and there’s no end in sight!

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