I’m Dreamin’ by G. Preston Tyiir

Wake up!

We do it right.

Tonight this dream of mine got my thinkin’

Am I dreamin’ or does it seem these demons be skeemin’

Fat nuts in my pockets, got the block sowed up and I’m bout to rock it.

Crack heads come hereafter.

Let me caress your soul.

Put your life on a platter cause it just got sold.

It’s more than bling bling cause cash money don’t mean shit, if your soul is gone then you got pimped tricked.

Don’t dream of the treasures of the world let the real wisdom set in. Knowledge and understanding now that’s a true friend.

The ones for the big ballers who done sold your soul for shit.

You think diamonds and crystals now thats the big dick.

Who’s really gettin paid in this hip hop lock.

Listen to the truth. I am the way, God said.

Yet there are many ways that lead our stumbling footsteps through the world’s bewildering maze.

Until we find that perfect way to which all paths must lead through many phases of beliefs of form and creed.

I must be dreamin’ case this shit’s too deep for those that sleep.

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