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The music scene is constantly growing and music lovers are always looking for the next best thing. Fly Panda, a group from Los Angeles, is a mix of rap, pop and electronic music everything Denver soaks up. After speaking with the group for a bit, they referred to their music as “Ratchet Pop.” However their music is described, they are something to look out for.

Full interview below

• Where are you all from?

– I am born and raised in Watts, Ca. Just moved out of Watts a year and a half ago so I am still Watts City to the fullest. In the past year I have stayed in China, London, Compton, New York, South Africa, and Guam. – Lukas Ka$h

– Everyone thinks I grew up in Iowa but that’s not true. I was born in Amsterdam, moved to Antarctica when I was 3 and lived in an igloo my Dad made until I was 15. Then we moved to Las Vegas where I lived up until I moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago. Iowa is just the easier story. – Winter Rae

• How did you all meet?

– I was doing a casting call for my new adult film “Blonde Busty Beast (The Musical)” Part 12, and it was a long day of boring auditions. Well right when I was about to wrap up, a busty blonde walked in my office and I didn’t ask her for her name or anything. She just walked in singing “The Sound of Music”. I said wow you have a strong voice, you should be an artist. She said I really would much rather be an artist. I then quit my full time occupation as an adult film mega producer and created Fly Panda.
– Lukas Ka$h

– I was participating in a triathlon towards the end of 2012 when I tripped and twisted my ankle on a rattlesnake. I scooted myself to safety before being bitten and looked up to see the most amazing sight I have ever seen. A man with a sweet gold grill handing me a pack of ice and some water. I said thank you and quickly finished the race. Ka$h was the guy at the finish line handing everyone towels. – Winter Rae

• How did you all decide to build a music group?

– Honestly, it was a no brainer. Unfortunately, one of the biggest pop groups of all time broke up via The Black Eyed Peas, then LMFAO broke up, them Far East Movement kind of died down, then Maroon 5 slowed down etc… We seen a void for a group. There was a huge void for a current and cool pop group. With that in mind, we just came together to form Voltron and the rest is history. – Lukas Ka$h

– My souvenir towel had a youtube link printed on it. I checked out a link and BAM… it was the best rapper ever. I immediately contacted him and Fly Panda was born!!!
– Winter Rae

• Where did the name Fly Panda come from?

– We were in the studio one day and we were throwing names out left and right, and a pizza delivery man walked in to deliver our pizza. The weird thing was that the delivery man was a live panda. The worst part of it all, the panda was wearing these Levis and his fly was unzipped. Winter then says “Your Fly panda” then that was it, Fly Panda.
– Lukas Ka$h

– All I know is it’s way cooler than ‘Purple Turnups’. – Winter Rae

• How would you describe your style of music?

-Ratchet pop = (Noun) (Verb) (Adj) A combination of cool sounds and melodic choruses that force you off the edge into near combustion. A variety of genres via Hip hop, Pop, Dance, Dub Step and Trap combined to create one style. – Lukas Ka$h

– Unlike anything you’ve ever heard. RATCHET POP – Winter Rae

• Are there any particular artists that inspire your music?

– Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, Diplo, Bauuer and Dylan from Making the Band.
– Lukas Ka$h

– I was personally inspired to sing after listening to Mariah Carey. Truly one of the most amazing talents the world will ever see. – Winter Rae

• Are there any artists that you would want to collaborate with?

-Beyonce, Will I AM, Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Dr Luke, Cirkut and Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris, Diplo, Sia, and Winter Rae – Lukas Ka$h

– Right now? Lukas Ka$h. – Winter Rae

• What is Fly Panda currently working on?

– We are working on finishing our album, Pandamonium 2.0. We are currently negotiating a liquor deal to own our own vodka. We are in the process of shooting a 6 episode comedic series with ADD network to release top of the year. We have a potential tour set in March with a huge artist I cant say yet until its confirmed but its huge. I guess platinum plaques, awards, 10 million singles sold, amazing videos, groupies and babies. – Lukas Ka$h

– Always in the studio. Always brainstorming. About to hit the road!!! – Winter Rae

• Are there any tours coming up in the future?

– In March we have the choice to tour domestically with two of the biggest pop artist in the game. I cant disclose that info yet so your just going to have to keep following Fly Panda to see who it is. #STUNT – Lukas Ka$h

– See above – Winter Rae

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