French DJane EVO-K is bringing her groundreaking sound to America!

EVO-K is among the very first Electro House – Complextro real FEMALE dj-producers in the world (the very first in Italy) and after many years of getting experienced trying to come up through the ranks, she has finally reached her goal. More importantly she has done so without becoming a fake-playback dj, as sadly 90% of female-djs around the globe, are. EVO-K is a DJane and music producer totally involved in the EDM scene. She was originally a singer and guitarist. EVO-Ks’ music style consists of: Electro House, Complextro, Big Room, Progressive, Electrance and Dutch. She was recently appointed for the second year as Italian ambassadress for RELOOP DJing in Germany. Three of EVO-Ks’ releases of the year 2013 hit the UK and France TOP #100 charts. Well-respected genre co-members, Richie Hawtin, Avicii, Markus Schulz, Franco Bianco and others, officially supported her releases. EVO-K has been involved in two international tours. The 3rd one ongoing this year 2014 – “FORBIDDEN Tour” – will cross many countries including the already confirmed Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India and Indonesia), South Africa and USA.


Q.) What is your personality like?


A.) I would say that I am  bold, stubborn, intense and unconventional.



Q.) What do you want others to know about you as an artist?


A.) Mainly, I would like people to feel the deep passion I have when I compose my music.

I want my listeners to perceive this no matter what they know about me as an artist.

I am a: DJ, producer, singer, guitarist and songwriter. People can know all of this about my artistic life, or simply be in tune with the vibes I try to spread through the emotions with which I fill my songs.



Q.) What makes you a unique individual?


A.) Basically, I am a quite simple life-loving person. I am straight forward and certainly very modest. I am hardworking… at times a workaholic, definitely ambitious.

Self-confident? Yes, but maybe not 100%.I am very adventurous by nature.In life and in my Music, I pay a great deal of attention to detail, sometimes more than is required!

Almost always, my DNA “forces me” to behave differently in all aspects of life.

Likewise, let me say I’m a very diverse artist when it comes to music.



Q.) Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Did you move often?


A.) I was born in Riva Del Garda, a small town on the northern coast of Lake Garda (in the very north of Italy, bordering Austria and Switzerland).

I grew up in a small neighboring country. But when I was little, I moved often because of the life and work of my family.Currently though I have rather little time to spend in my own house, because thanks to my music I travel a lot. My home is still in Riva d/G and it is kinda of my hideaway.



Q.) How would you describe yourself as an artist?


A.) EVO-K is a groundbreaking music source that is synonymous with outsider.

EVO-K is an ambitious project involving international DJs and music producers.

EVO-K is a way of thinking outside the box and proudly playing away from the Italian music styles!I’m undoubtedly a mainstream artist, although, for some stages of life I produced songs outside the mainstream music scene (and perhaps it might even happen again in the near or distant future).But certainly, I like to make music for people to dance to and feel it in their heart.



Q.) How would you classify your music?


A.) Mainly Electro House / Big Room / Progressive / Electrance.

My prevailing genre is House Music, but today I am highly contaminated with Electro House, the new Progressive House and Electrance styles… and also a pinch of Complextro (this latter more up to last year). I try to combine harmoniously all these music genres to get a very smooth and solid mix of sounds.



Q.) What sets your music apart from others in your genre?


A.) My sound is neither too extreme nor too niche and actually as I answered above, rather mainstream.Almost all my songs have my own vocals, sung in a rather unconventional style (this is itself already not very common in EDM).So in addition to this, what else sets my music apart from others?My moods, emotions and vibes that I dress every note with, when I write.



Q.) What inspires your music?


A.) My Music is definitely inspired by the experiences of my whole life: mainly passions, travels, joys, pain, sex, freedom, tears, going beyond the limits, desires, sometimes even prohibitions… in short, the world inside and outside of me. Well yes, that’s it!

While, as it regards other artists from which I take inspiration or learn from. Nowadays I would say:

Deorro, Knife Party, Landis, Marc Benjamin, Ummet Ozcan, Vicetone, Aoki, among others.

I firmly believe that if you want to improve yourself and grow (in every sense), everyday you have to learn and be inspired!



Q.) Let the people know why they should support your music…


A.)“WET ‘N’ WILD” might suffice as an answer? (lol)

Jokes aside, “Wet ‘N’ Wild” is my latest song (completed just a few days ago) and out soon in all stores. I would say that it’s the perfect emblem of the reason why people should support my music.

In outline, it’s also related to what you asked me about my personality and what makes me a unique individual. But I much prefer to let the music do the talking. If it this is not enough, come and enjoy a date of my “Forbidden Tour 2014.” With the first exciting gigs just confirmed in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa and Europe.I think that live experience will remove any doubt, as it’s the best and most comprehensive method to gain fan support.



Q.) What hard lessons have you learned while working in the music industry?

Describe challenges you overcame, etc …


A.) As a female  working in the music industry I have learned so many hard lessons, almost endless. With surely more yet to happen!For a real female DJ & music producer, it is quite hard to establish yourself in the music industry (in Italy I can even say that it’s impossible).

Undoubtedly, the cause of all of this is the “shoddy” quality of the females-made music productions, combined with the obvious fact that the HUB of the EDM world is still dominated by male producers.I sorrowfully and finally, add that in many countries the wave of “sexy djanes” and “fake djanes” has severely damaged the pure EDM scene & quality of EDM nightlife. So believe me: every day as a female Dj & producer you have to make twice the effort normally required of male producers to assert themselves and make quantum leaps in the industry.Finally, let me take this opportunity to give a humble bit of advice to all budding producers: do your best to produce your own music, always be original and not a bad or fair copy of someone else!! And don’t be pretentious, ever!My belief is that without passing through the strings of your soul, your music will hardly “go to itsdestination”.


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