GUNFNGR’s Popular Electronic Dance Song Debuts on STYLE Network

‘Never Stops’ top production, a spectacular vocal performance, and memorable elements like dub step and club electronic beat make this a radio-ready track with real crossover appeal. ‘Never Stops’ is a tour de force with an upbeat tempo and mainstream sound produced by GUNFNGR (credits include Kid Ink and Soulja Boy) and sung by Alyssa.

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The song was featured as the opening song on STYLE Network’s Giuliana and Bill. Early Supporters of the song include DJ Bedz (Denver Nuggets DJ, Pepsi DJ of the year) and Lyric House Music Publishing.

The Executive Producer of the song, Mike Will Downey, convinced Composer / Producer Anthony ‘GUNFNGR’ Mascarenas (ASCAP 623961736), John Daniel ‘JD’ Feighner (BMI 536221868), Desmond ‘Motown’ Washington (No Affiliation), and Alyssa Ramirez (No Affiliation) to work together on the track at Feighner’s studio in Colorado Springs. The song was Mastered by Rihanna engineers at Sterling Sound, NYC

Publisher: Lead Alliance, LLC (DBA SoundHype) ASCAP (581.59.84.07) BMI (1351169) and Licensing Administration: Jessica Cole Lyric House

‘Never Stops’ is also available on Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and the song is Registered on ASCAP, BMI, and BDS.

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*Song Copyright Holder is Michael William Downey and the ISRC Code is US-6ZU-09-0010


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