Make Money As a Musician

How To Make Money As a Music Producer or Artist

Sound Hype has a passion for helping producers and musicians improve their craft and create music that is both critically and commercially successful. In that vein, we want to help you transform your instrumentals into the best finished product possible. Study the habits of the most successful producers and musicians in the industry. With your talent and hard work along with our resources, drive and industry connections, the opportunities in the music business are endless.

To begin we will evaluate your submission and material. We are looking for commercial viability of your art, your budget, and your goals. If your material is selected to be a part of the elite Don’t Sleep family, we will present you with legal agreements. We make offers for 360 deals, management, sales representation, discovery. Some offers will have up front money attached to them, some will not we will have to earn that money together. Our goal is to help everyone make more money.

Dedication and passion for what you do will take you to places raw talent can’t even touch. Our mission is to bring revenue, knowledge, momentum to the professional entertainment careers of driven and dedicated talented professionals. Our movement empowers entertainers. Our commitment ensures your media, public persona, brand personality, brand promise and business is conditioned and polished to have a competitive edge in the industry.



Don’t just send us attachments, or just a link to your mixtape or album. We recommend sending your best 2-3 tracks, or reel, and we recommend you’ve spent time in at least mixing the track.

Your tracks must be structured well (see below structure)

No Loops in full musical compositions. If all you have are sort loops, you can sell those in our Sounds Store with Beat Kits and more. We WILL NOT ACCEPT full commercial compositions with only loops. You must make changes in full compositions.

  • Use YouSendit Dropbox to submit tracks
  • Don’t just send us and 300 other people the exact same tweet or Facebook etc. All those tweets show up on your profile. That will stop people from following you because you look like a spammer and cause followers to unsubscribe because you’re flooding their time-line. Make your submission personal.Submit WAV or MP3 files, not CDA File or WMA file. We can playback WMA files but that means we have to download them first instead of just being able to preview them in a browser. Learn to rip/ import a CD. Don’t just drag the songs off the disc into an email.
  • Don’t send links where we have to go through 2-3 screens of ads and wait 45 seconds before we could download it (Limelinx, MegaUpload, etc). We recommend one nicely designed web link or EPK and linking if anywhere to Z-share. Recipients can immediately preview the music and still have an option to download it. In a perfect world we would get an MP3 links to the songs to click and listen.
  • Give us a Reason to listen to your music… You sent your music but you really didn’t give us any reason to check it. Why do you want us to listen to your music? What makes you unique? Tell us more about you and why you want to make money in the music business.

Include detailed information about your tracks – what’s your tempo, who does it sound like?, genres, moods, keywords, . Great META Tags help get your music matched up to the right person.



Music Composition

Tracks should be around 3:30.  There is not an exact science to this we aren’t saying you have to make 8 bar or 16 bar tracks, but typically the shorter the better for commercial content. Long remixes can come later. First show us in 3:30 you can keep the listener listening, and keep it interesting with really cool musical sounds.

  • Introduction (4 bars)
  • Chorus (8 bars)
  • Verse (8 – 16 bars)
  • Pre Chorus (4 bars)
  • Chorus (8 bars)
  • 2nd verse (8 – 16 bars)
  • Pre Chorus (4 bars)
  • Chorus (8 bars)
  • Bridge (8 bars , change up the beat, can totally change even – will. i. am does this all the time )
  • Pre Chorus (4 bars)
  • Chorus (8 bars)
  • Outro (2-4 bars)

Tracks should have modulation (when the song changes such as tempo, four on the floor) – It builds anticipation for the chorus. STUDY the Justin Timberlake album – Future, Love, Sex – great example of a wonderfully produced hip hop album.


Artist Requirements

You MUST have your music organized well and the following: META Data and Tags on all tracks. Lyrics, High-Resolution images, and PROFESSIONAL info, Artist Bio, as well as a clear identity and brand.

Discussion Topics of initial conversation:

  • Mechanical / Sales
  • Touring
  • Merchandise
  • Publishing
  • Endorsements
  • Current Industry Status
  • Budget / Investor
  • Collaborations
  • Web sites, fan management, social media, video and promotional plans


Submitting Musical Tracks and Files

You MUST NAME YOUR TRACKS . Your Producer Name – A creative name for the track – and BPM in name

Make sure your tracks are at high quality for WAVs (16 bit sample size, 44.1 KHz sample rate, and 1411 kbps bit rate). MP3s (256 kpbs bitrate). Use Switch File Converter if you need then send using YouSendit.

You can download YouSendit Express or use our drop box here too.


How to make Money with Us

How bad do you want to be a successful producer? Don’t Sleep has the tools and resources to help you achieve that through hard work and a go getter mentality.

We have invested significant time and money into creating a very expansive marketing network. Don’t Sleep Records handles legal, registration, administration, marketing, sales negotiation, technology, engineering, and distribution. There are many hours spent behind the scenes to help your music make money. All you have to do is get to work and we do the rest. Soon enough checks will be in the mail.

Our Percentage

Because we invest significant time and money up front, our agreement is 50% of any tracks we place or sell for you – this equates to our publishing percentage.

This is how you will make money:

First off, you need to be consistent and secondly, you need to make sure you put the time and care into the tracks and make full compositions.

There are two marketplaces where your music can be sold to – the independent or major / industry marketplace.

Independent Artists

For each full composition beat sold to independent artists/online you can expect to make between $500 – $1,000 in the first 45 days of release. This can continue over time. We’ve had some instrumentals make close to $5,000 in the first 30 days of release. There are factors like melody, sample selection, and overall quality that play into this. Samples give independent artists a direction that they may not otherwise have had, and make it easy for them to write to a track, meaning they will purchase it faster.

Major Artists, Music Publishing Companies, Major Labels, and Music Licensing Channels (Film, TV, Video Games, etc.)

These are people with more money. For each full composition instrumental we will get
songwriters to write to it and for each full composition instrumental that a major songwriter writes to and we sell to a record label or A & R you can make between $5,000 – $10,000 advance. From there royalties usually come in within 5-7 months and can range from $5,000 per quarter to $500,000 depending on distribution and the artist and other factors. For these tracks we will need a sample free version and will need the Reason file and / or separated tracks to properly mix / master the track.

Another marketplace in which you can make good money in is Film / TV / Video Games, etc. These opportunities require a very specific sound and often we want to get artists to record vocals to your tracks, but there is a lot of money to be made in this area.

The most important thing to remember is to stick to your strength in genres to maximize your profits. Not to say you can’t venture into other genres, just keep in mind if you do you decrease your chances significantly in making money. Our advice is when you want to experiment, do it outside your normal production numbers.

We can share some numbers from our top producers, major film and TV placements, and royalties from major artists who have recorded to our producers material once you sign your NDA
(confidentiality agreement).

We have producers making over $25,000 a month in profit just from independent markets. Now imagine if your songs go to the other levels and marketplaces.

Doctors, lawyers, and other high impact careers require thousands of dollars for schooling and in-field training. You must invest in yourself up front to get that money back.

Dedication is so important to your success. To become a true professional, you must spend an unprecedented amount of time honing your craft. Breath it, feel it, be it, live your artistry. Have the work ethic of a star!

You’ve been given this extraordinary opportunity to work in the fascinating world of entertainment ‘show business’. Undoubtedly one of the most difficult, yet rewarding career paths.

Get to work and let’s make some money!!!



You found us somewhere and contacted us either by Soundcloud, Soundclick, Email form, Music X Ray, or one of our Web sites –,, or

If you have not filled out a Musician Information Form – you must do so here.

Send or Upload your MP3s and WAVs at high quality proper quality and labeled : example: KajmirRoyale-RobotikLover-132BPM

  • Producer Name
  • Track Name
  • BPM of the track
  • Mp3 and WAV file versions

Each Track must have detailed information attached to it. Include it in your upload notes. The following MUST BE INCLUDED:

Example: this is a Down South Hip Hop track with an energetic, fun dance chorus. It includes a strong 808 and south rap drum pattern, high hats, a lead melody of a whistle, and electric guitar on the chorus. If David Banner, Gucci Mane got on this track with a female singer on the hook such as Natalia Kills, and a big hook about dancing all night long, then continuing to dance… in bed…. well that would be a fire!

  • Style / Genre (Rap, Dance, Techno)
  • Mood (sad, happy, bright, driving, fun, etc.)
  • Sounds like (Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kid Ink, etc)
  • Vocal type (male/female singer, rapper, hook only, etc.)
  • Instruments (you must name 4 instruments in the track – 808 Drums, Snare, Synth, Electric Guitar)
  • Keywords (this is if you have recorded lyrics already you will need to describe some words in the song)

PROCEED WITH CAUTION DOES THE SONG HAVE ANY SAMPLES OF OTHER PUBLIC OR COPYWRITTEN MATERIAL? If so, we must get the name of the sample artist, sample song title, year, and music publisher, as well as a copy of the written lyrics if it’s a vocal sample.

Track is sent to Publishing and A & R who writes a brief review and assessment of track and makes notes of genre and who could use the track and what marketplace it fits. If the track passes our standards of musical composition and quality then it will be passed onto Sales Director.



Overall Scoring

  • Melody (rate 1-10)
  • Sonic Effect (rate 1-10)
  • Emotional Effect (1-10)
  • Kick, 808, Snare Drums (1-10)
  • Instrument Selection (1-10)
  • Chord Progression (1-10)
  • Format (1-10) typically pre-chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge outro, Mix (levels shouldn’t be flat or peak too high, or low)
  • Average all scores above

Scoring Results

Less Than 6 or below,

This means the track needs work before it could reach a commercial status. Notification is sent to the user via email, text message, and upon login to their dashboard. The user then can pay to submit again, or go back to browsing the web site. This usually only happens if a tracks’ sounds are outdated or it is incomplete or has no memorable main melody.

This is a media content file that needs more work but has potential to be a commercial track. One of our A & R staff members will review the submission, and reason for giving it the scores they did. The score is sent to user with notes and allows the user to upload a new file at a later time (no less than 24 hours from time they read notes). At this point the user is given an option to upgrade to Mix / Master products which range in cost from $45 up to $200. A disclaimer is included that a remix / master does not guarantee approval in our system.


At this point you have been approved on our system and we will send you paperwork through Echosign for you to sign. At this point we need your PROFESSIONAL information such as ASCAP, BMI, or another royalty collection agency. The track with all description information is passed onto either the public web or private is passed into our database and master catalog and is available to the public on the web site for sale. A producer is notified that their track is now for sale at default pricing. If they wish to change their pricing, they will be allowed to do so, but no less than the default.


These tracks goto a private, password protected, secure system that only select industry personnel are allowed access into. Administrators can securing deliver recommended tracks for select artists. This section is designed for major publishers, licensors, and artists.


Sales of Your Music

Customer Relationship Managers negotiate with customers, maintain relationships, and keep customers happy and buying more. This department is responsible for sales, marketing, and customer service. Their job relies on matching music, and getting it into the right hands.

Our publishing department gets the track and puts it in inventory (checks it for quality
and labels it). If it’s private it does not get posted to certain web sites. From here it is passed onto Marketing and Distribution.

  • Marketing / Distribution gets the track and determines what other lanes it can go in and gets it up on all our distribution sites.
  • Accounting and Administration handles producer and artist payments, reporting, and registration on BMI or ASCAP.Legal / Business Affairs handles the agreement with the customer and makes sure you get your credit and royalties / fair share back to you.Engineering gets involved to mix and master your tracks. We will need your separated tracks for this process.

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