Hype Spotlight: G.U.N.S – Goons United By The New School

Coming out of Broward County, FL, Deepside Entertainment formed the group Goons United By The New School. I’ve been following the movement for a second now and the hits keep coming! Headlined by Dope street lyrics G.U.N.S is throwing away the stereotype that all southern artist make, “Club Music”. The group is very well-rounded making songs that can hit Kids, Adults, Gangstas, Geeks, and Ladies & Gentlemen.

Young A.C., T-Stunna, Pebo Florida, and Jay Balla stated that they see themselves as one of the best rap groups in hip-hop right now. Their music is a representation of their struggle, a reality they know as life growing up in the streets of “Deepside” Broward County.  “We’re taking it back to when lyrics were respected.”





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