Beam Up With Sound Hype for MTV Spring Break 2014 Cancun

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Beam Up with Sound Hype’s 2014 Transport Cancun

MTVu Spring Break 2014 in Cancun March 19th-25th

Nightly cover charges in Cancun range anywhere from $55-$65 USD depending on the time of year. Not to mention, during peak seasons there is always a risk for extra charges at the door. Lines outside the clubs can take hours to even budge. We want you to avoid all this hassle. After all, you only have a few short days to experience it all. Why not do it in style? Everyone knows that’s what Cancun’s all about… and fortunately, that’s what we’re here for!

With After Dark’s VIP Party Package, you will save HUGE money! Not only that; You will by-pass all the lines, by-pass all the congested cash registers, and go straight to a private section where you will be served unlimited bottles of your choice all night long. Trust us, it doesn’t get any better then this!

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Our Party Package Includes The Following:  


This means your group will never wait in line at the clubs. Sometimes in Cancun, the line outside is more then an hour long. If you travel using this party package, your group will enter the club immediately upon arrival.

Free Cover

This means your cover is completely included in the package. You will not pay anything at the door of the club.

Free Open Bar 10:30pm – 4:00am

This means all drinks are included at every club. Your group will not pay for a drink the entire time you are in Cancun.


This package is unique to any other in Cancun because we offer exclusive VIP treatment to our clients. You will have your own section with tables and waiters at the club. Bottle service is included in our package for NO extra cost.


Sound Hype provides an experienced, bilingual staff, that will take care of your group at every event you attend throughout the time you are in Cancun.


With After Dark’s party package, you are not tied down. We will give you our party schedule, outlining where the best parties are on the best nights, but you have the freedom to adjust your itinerary if you’d like to! After Dark’s on-site staff will gladly help with any adustments or changes you want to make!



Celebrity appearances and concerts are all part of the After Dark party package. You never have to worry about missing your favorite artist or TV star while you’re in Cancun! If there is a special event happening, After Dark will be there, bottle service and all!**

**Depending on what’s going on in Cancun during the vacation dates you’ve chosen, there may be a small upgrade fee for special events. See concert schedule, or ask your After Dark Staff for details!

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