Fort Wayne Hip Hop Artist Kid Lyrik Focuses on Mainstream Lane

Soundhype recently sat down with an up and coming hip-hop artist named Kid Lyrik reppin Fort Wayne, Indiana. His most recent release is “Arriving LAX”, an 11-track mixtape filled with a diverse array of quality music.

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You can also view many of Kid Lyrik’s videos, and some of his features on YouTube. Please follow Kid Lyrik on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy the interview!

Q.) Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your personality like? What do you want others to know about you as an artist? What makes you a unique individual?

A.) “Man, I’m so energetic and crazy influenced in life. I always like to take things to action at that moment. If I’m partying, and a certain melody gets in my head, that same minute I’m on my way to the studio. I’m a very diverse artist when it comes to music. One week I would be working on a pop radio single’ and the next I would be working on a deep hip-hop track.”

Q.) Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Did you move often?

A.) “I was born in Bosnia, and moved to the US at 3 months. So I basically grew up here my whole life. I lived in Chicago for 5-6 years until my parents divorced and I moved to Fort Wayne, IN and spent most of my life growing up there.”

Q.) How would you describe yourself as an artist?

A.) “I’m definitely more of a mainstream artist then anything else. Yes, I work outside the mainstream music, but I like to make music for the people, what they could relate to. I guess I can say I’m a workaholic when it comes to working in the studio, but what other artist in the industry isn’t?. I’m always working on finding that new sound, or hook.”

Q.) How would you classify your music?

A.) “Like I said, my music is diverse. But I would say more Hip-Hop/Rap. That’s what I grew up listening to and that’s the music I like to make the most.”

Q.) What sets your music apart from others in your genre?

A.) “It’s not so much what sets it apart, it’s who’s got the new sound, or the catchy hook that everyone’s talking about. And that’s what I do. My head only thinks hits, and if it ain’t a hit, then we make it one. The world will know me for my hooks, Haha”

Q.) What inspires your music?

A.) “Inspiration for me is all over the place. From different artists, to the new or old music artists put out. I would be driving, when I’d get a melody in my head’ or a story for a new single. So that’s what leads to me to making all kinds of music all the time.”

Q.) Let the people know why they should support your music…

A.) “Of course people and my fans should support my music. Just like any other artist. But you can’t force people to like you, so you let your fan base grow on it’s own. I try to focus on the people and my music, as much as I can. And I’m always looking for the next move to make.”

Q.) What hard lessons have you learned while working in the music industry? Describe challenges you overcame, etc …

A.) “There are challenges every step on your way to the top in this industry. But you have to push and overcome them to get to where you want. I would say starting off in your career is the hardest. That’s when you really think on late nights, is it worth it?, will I make it? But I stay away from negativity at every angle. This is what I wanted to do my whole life, and wouldn’t let anyone stop me. I’m coming for the top! Be on the lookout!”




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