Tokyo Based Music Artist Kurisu Releases ‘Got One Shot’

gotoneshotKurisu, spent his childhood in the small town of Rembert, South Carolina. At the age of 14 he began writing lyrics to use as poetry assignments in English class. In ninth grade Kurisu dropped his freestyles and gained much praise among classmates in “ciphers” throughout high school.

After high school and several odd jobs he decided to join the US navy in 2003. While continuing to write rhymes in boot camp he used his creativity to create cadences for marching and received much acclaim from fellow recruits as well as Drill Instructors. He continued to write songs throughout his naval career and received an honorable discharge in July, 2013.

He is currently studying Economics at Temple University, (Japan Campus) in Tokyo. Kurisu works with the Dark Empire, entertainment management team, in his off time and enjoys performing throughout the Tokyo and Yokohama area. His dream is to own a studio and start an independent label abroad in order to help other artists find the spotlight.

The project is entitled “Transcendent Man” and is based on the premise of the expanding consciousness and achieving self-actualization through everyday life and through music.
In his words: “It reflects my values and desire to continue to evolve with the ever changing hip hop environment.”

Sound Hype invites you to enjoy this latest released track from Kurisu, produced by our own amazing producer, Vocirus. Please share!

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