Low Viscosity Delivers Purpose Driven Flows on ‘Paragons’

Young, Caucasian, middle class, spiritually focused entrepreneur released hip hop mixtape “Paragons” today.  18 year old, Low Viscosity, from Denver, Colorado, is serious about being a change that the world needs. “Paragons” is his second honest musical attempt at that. With it, he aims to give voice to the more sensitive side of humanity, that hasn’t been discussed as much in his genre.

Features on the mixtape include 2013 XXL Freshman Dizzy Wright, as well as ’09 Freshman, Mickey Factz who recently stated he’s retiring. Will this be Mickey Factz’s last verse?

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“Paragons” is about Low Viscosity path in the pursuit to parallel the Greats, the Masters like Christ, Leonardo da Vinci, Jay Z, Tupac, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and many others who are all referenced in the project, in my own right and purpose here in this world. It’s an open reflection and expression of that pursuit.

Be ready for a sound and style you can’t quite put your finger on, and bars that may take a few extra listens to get the quadruple meanings.

Low Viscosity was born on June 13, 1995, the son of an aerospace engineer and stay at home mom, and raised in the suburbs just outside of Denver, Colorado. He was raised in a Christian household and his beliefs play a large role in his music, and everything he does. Low Viscosity did not have the typical life of an American teenager. He spent his 7th grade year at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, where his father worked briefly. His freshman year was spent at Monarch High School (Colorado). Christian never felt like he belonged in the traditional school system and decided to switch to online school for the remainder of his education. Something then happened that would change his life forever; he attended a seminar with his parents and made the decision to commit to a series of personal development camps and courses over the next two years.

He says, “I’ve come to know that we all have the resources available to live truly great lives, and I couldn’t hold that knowledge the rest of my life without the intent to use it and change my life and the lives of millions of others. I developed a kind of addiction to these books and seminars that teach powerful principles for business and living life on purpose. I have grown clearer and clearer in my vision, and cultivated an unshakable faith that I am creating it. I’ve spent many days in emotional turmoil, not knowing what I want to do, but that if I continued doing what I’d been doing, I wouldn’t be very happy with my life in two to five years.” It was at this time that he began his career in hip hop, and he hasn’t looked back.

Paragons is also available at Hot New Hip Hop


Low Viscosity began just dabbling in the arts of hip hop. He was always an excellent writer and had a very strong connection to language and communication. When he a bought a $30 USB microphone and discovered Audacity, he started writing verses to instrumentals as a hobby. One day his brother, Clayton Chamberlin, heard him and thought he had special gift. Clayton encouraged him to take it seriously and start developing himself as an artist. As Clayton watched him grow, he decided they needed to take it to the next level. Together they mapped out plans for a mixtape and an aggressive online promotion strategy. They raised the funds for it through a crowd funding site called Kickstarter. On October 12, 2012, “The Road Less Traveled” was released.

As a rap musician, Low Viscosity wanted a name with real meaning behind it. He wanted a name that expressed who he was and why he was doing what he was doing. “Viscosity” is a science term that means “resistance to flow”. He says, “Flow is an important quality for any great rap verse, but that’s not really why I picked a name that means ‘high flow’. As I accept my natural gifts and the things I’m passionate about, and I focus on using them every day to contribute my value to the world, life truly flows. I’m not living in resistance to my creative faculties and passions. I call this way of living, ‘Flow Life’. If every being on this planet was to live this way (humans seem to be the only ones that haven’t gotten it right), imagine how the world would look! Every person being clear and definite in their purpose, and matching that with daily action, would change the world. Life was created to flow like this. When you live in line with your purpose, life goes naturally. That’s why I’m Low Viscosity. That is why I’m leading the Flow Life movement.”

Musical philosophy

Low Viscosity spent much of his childhood listening to his brother’s music which included a very wide collection of different artists. He says that some of his influences include Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Train, Aerosmith, U2 and many more. Low believes heavily in lyrical content and positive music. His lyricism focuses on true principles to live by. He wants to reinvent what the term “rap” means to the world.”

For interviews and inquiries write Mike@SoundHype.com or call 310-514-6820

Learn More at http://www.LowViscosityMedia.com

Paragons Track List

  1. I’m Here (Produced by Klever)
  2. Flow Away featuring Grae (Produced by Taz Taylor)
  3. Do It Crazy (Produced by Taz Taylor)
  4. Alone in a Crowd (Produced by Spence Mills)
  5. Worth It (Produced by Taz Taylor)
  6. What We Make Of It featuring Dizzy Wright (Produced by 4Klassix)
  7. Yaysayers Go (Produced by Taz Taylor)
  8. My Time featuring Grae (Produced by Klever)
  9. Blood We Bleed (Produced by 4Klassix)
  10. Cell Out (Produced by Frenchie Boi)
  11. Iced Tea and Palm Trees featuring Sunflowers From The Moon (Produced by Taz Taylor)
  12. Love Today (Produced by Klever)
  13. Creatures of Habit (Produced by 4Klassix)
  14. Pass On It (Produced by Joey Cutless)
  15. 5280 featuring Grae (Produced by Frenchie Boi)
  16. Dar Win featuring Mickey Factz (Produced by Klever)
  17. Pop Goes Culture (Produced by Taz Taylor)
  18. One For The Two of You featuring Grae (Produced by Klever)
  19. Think of Me (Produced by Taz Taylor)
  20. Age is A Knife featuring Sunflowers From The Moon (Produced by Taz Taylor)
  21. Joyful Stranger featuring Grae (Produced by Klever)
  22. Paragons (Produced by Klever)
  23. Bonus Youth in Revolt (Kendrick Control Response)

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