Grammy Nominated Alternative Funk Rock Band Permanent Ability Refuses to Follow Formulas

What makes Permanent Ability a unique band? 

Backed by legendary producer Jim Wirt and 5 first round ballot Grammy Nominations, Permanent Ability’s name has become synonymous with the revival and new direction of the funk-rock genre. I think that sums it all up briefly.

What is your thought process when working on new music?

On my previous record Bring It On!, I felt Jim Wirt did an excellent job but the music was too busy at times, which is fine when performing it live, and at the time, its was what I was going for…that live vibe. On my upcoming new album Love You to Death, i took a less is more approach and wanted to have the band play whats right for the song and not over play. Being cognizant of this process has captured some of the best songs in our catalog. Every approach is different when applied to the “process” because of where I am at that time in my life and career. Progression is always the goal however.

How would you describe yourself as a band?

Explosive and menacing with energy.

What sets your music apart from others in your genre?

The funk. Its setting us apart from other bands and its intensely-energetic-passion for me to create and perform to. I salivate when I hear a pop ‘n slap bass riff, and many people still do too. That’s why when I decided to launch the band, I knew it had to be based in the funk rock genre. This style WILL ALWAYS make you move regardless…and that is why Permanent Ability has such an explosive live show as well. The music makes fuels us inside and then it is released when we perform to it making the audience extremely receptive.

What inspires your music?

Creativity can spark any where and at any time for me, but if anything keeps me up at night it’s my analytically musical mind that constantly dissects music I hear which inspires me to create my own. I keep my phone by my bed to record an idea or lyric in the middle of the night sometimes if it comes to me. So in a nutshell – inspiration can stem at anytime, any place.

Let the people know why they should support your music…
Because Permanent Ability is a DYI indie band, a with commercial sound, Grammy Nominations, and good songs. Visit  and let me know if you agree. Good or bad criticism is welcomed. but I’m confident and stand behind my music.

What hard lessons have you learned while working in the music industry? Describe challenges you overcame, etc …
There is no formula to success…and NOT all hard work pays off. There are plenty of obstacles to over come and if it was easy everyone would make it big. Just keep persevering and it will pay off. Be good. Thanks Sound Hype.

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