Philly State of Mind

Philly State of Mind

Meet aspiring producer Douglas Richardson – raw, natural and hungry.  Richardson, lifelong Philadelphia resident and airport worker, knows what it takes to get to where he wants to go:  Asking questions, giving direct answers, and knowing he has to have the contacts to make moves.  That’s why we call him a “Philly State of Mind”.

Prior to 2006, Richardson was making beats on hardware, something new school producers can hardly imagine.  He then switched over to software programs and cleared samples to become more diverse.  Today he implements what he knows about both to deliver a raw and unchallenged sound.  A few of his influences are respectable producers Dr. Dre, The Rza, Swizz Beats, Just Blaze, Kanye West, and Jermaine Dupri.

With his recent release of two beat mixtapes on the Got Instrumentals website- Fire MUZIK Vol.1 and Fire MUZIK Vol.2– Douglas is leveraging social media to get exposure and meet new singers, rappers, and songwriters to hear and use his beats, under a free license.  While doing so he hopes to land major placements and potentially a major label deal.  He knows hard work; diversity and making the right connections, are the essentials to that process.

Here at Sound Hype, we want to bring awareness to those who are hardworking and dedicated in the industry.  So, check out some of the beats below, leave some feedback, and let’s all work together to share Douglas’ story and get him on the path to success!

Fire MUZIK Vol.2 (BeatTAPE)

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