Pricing Independent Artists:

Basic License

  • Great for independent rappers and singers.
  • Allowed use for mixtape, demo, or live performance (50 or less people in audience).
  • Distribute up to 5,000 copies for free or 100 sales on iTunes.
  • Royalties and Publishing must be paid.
  • Mp3 file format.
  • Only $35.

Commercial License
2nd most popular

  • For Mixtape or Demo.
  • For recording and commercial audio release.
  • For Youtube or Radio.
  • For live performance.
  • For TV, Film, and Video Games.
  • Distribute up to 12,500 copies for free or 1,000 sales on iTunes.
  • Royalties and Publishing must be paid.
  • Publishing owned by Producer.
  • No Track Separation files.
  • High Quality WAV file file format.
  • Non-Exclusive License.

Full Premium Rights
For Serious Singers, Rappers and Songwriters

  • Track Separation stem files for mixing purposes.
  • Also includes high quality flat .WAV of entire track.
  • For recording and commercial audio release.
  • For Singles, EPs, and Albums.
  • For TV, Film, and Video Games.
  • For Record Label submissions.
  • Distribute up to 20,000 copies.
  • Publishing owned by Producer and Publishing Company.
  • Legal paperwork and agreement.

$500 and Up

  • Must be a serious buyer for exclusive rights.
  • Must have a marketing plan for the track, or work with management / marketing company.
  • Exclusive Ownership gives you one year to distribute unlimited copies, or until you get a major record label deal.
  • Worldwide exclusive rights.
  • If track is profitable, exclusivity continues.
  • For recording and commercial audio release.
  • Distribute unlimited copies.
  • Track Separation files for mixing and mastering and high quality flat .WAV of entire track.
  • Legal Agreement.


Important Notes

You must register your song with ASCAP Name, “Lead Alliance, LLC” after purchasing a track all publishing and royalties (50/50 splits) must be paid.

By downloading this you understand that you must follow each rule within the “licensing info”, all tracks must be credited to the respective producer of the track upon release to the public.

Major Artists and Corporations Pricing Varies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I purchase an instrumental with a hook built into it (someones voice on it) am I clear to use that on my mixtape correct?

A: Yes, When you purchase the instrumental, it comes all-inclusive.

Q: I’m looking to lease some beats for local radio project, which license do I need?

A: We can license you the high quality .WAV file and associated license for $50. If you are planning on mixing and mastering the track for use in different ways, the price is $150 for separated tracks.

Q: What type of contracts do you do on exclusive beats?

A: We negotiate exclusives on a one-on-one basis. We want to know about an artist project, marketing plan, and budget. How are you planning on using the song? Do you have an offer to submit for the exclusive rights? Once we have an offer we will submit to our producers and negotiate until we have a number both sides are happy with.

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3 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. Kaitlin says:

    I am a high school dance team coach looking to purchase individual songs to use in a custom mix. Does you company have songs to purchase individually?

  2. Mike Will says:

    Yes I will send you a list of songs we own you may be interested in

  3. Arianna says:

    Hello I am a small cheer gym owner and looking for individual songs to use as well for a mix. How will it work to purchase the music without having the issue of copyright or licencing?

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