Purple Audio

Young, skilled, and motivated music producer Purple Audio has recently joined the Sound Hype catalog of amazing talent.  Born Jacky Nguyen, in Oakland, CA, he was already pre-destined to be a dedicated soldier of his craft.  Raised by parents who not only taught, buy showed hard work and perseverance will pay off and to always find the good in every situation.


Coming through an era of the adorned Bay Area Hyphy Movement and moving to Fort Worth, TX where the Screw movement was the hottest thing on the map, gave Purple a strong range of the infinite dynamic music can take on.  At only 21 years old, Purple has already honed in on being versatile in his listening choices.  Listening to everything from country music to Dubstep, he considers himself not bonded by genre, but by just good music.   He considers some of his influences Kanye West, Key wane, J. Cole, UGK, Justice League producers and everyone chasing their dreams.


Purple Audio spends his time divided between making music and pursuing a business marketing degree to make sure all of his bases are covered in this very complex industry.  He is proud of where his music is today, having put a lot of dedication and education into his craft.  His love and passion exudes for the music across his entire platform.


Sound Hype proudly presents Purple Audio and we look forward to all the hits that are going to be made with his music.  Check back here often and on our SoundCloud for new hot beats and contact us for licensing information.  Let’s get it!

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