Rapper JC from Dallas Releases My Cousin Vinny

Meet JC, an aspiring rapper from Dallas, Texas with one of the most eclectic backgrounds we have come across.

At 28 years old, JC writes lyrics and records at his home studio daily.  With the new release of his mixtape “My Cousin Vinny”, JC chronicles some dark and environmental experiences with an emotional connection.

What JC wants you as a listener to know most about his music is he’s inspired by the greats such as Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, Jay Z, Tupac and just creative people in general, as well as himself.   He hears a lot of new music in the general public and seeks to discover new music from the blogs.  On an everyday listening level, he enjoys hearing new music first and going back to music once the mainstream has retired it, in order to re-establish a connection and gain more motivation for his own catalog.

However, it’s not often that you find a musician who also has a passion for film directing.  JC conceptualizes horror film ideas daily and enjoys working on short films.  With these two passions together- music and film directing, JC is striving to become a legend and wants to have a legacy of building his own empire and making his own path.

Check out JC’s new mixtape and actively connect with him on social media using the links below.  He’s looking forward to your feedback and future music collaborations!


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