Remembering Big G.

39047_1576378854627_860498_nAs the Founder of Sound Saves, a social impact music publishing company. I started the company as a way to help spread my former business partner’s (Gregory Evans aka “G”) vision of empowering positivity and love.

My best friend and business partner Gregory Evans passed away this year. He is the muse of Sound Saves as he originally funded the company, as well as discovering Kajmir Royale. G was my rock. He held the company together despite financial loss, employee fall-outs, and was the only person that offered unconditional emotional support as he listened to all my problems with an unbiased ear. Everyone wants to be heard, understood, and appreciated. He truly gave everyone the chance at being heard.

His unwavering support in Sound Saves, as well as vision to spread truth and wake people up to consciousness led me to use this platform of ‘music is medicine’, allowing me to connect human emotions with the healing power of music.  His passing made me realize how short life is. G was responsible for my involvement in the music business. He left a legacy through Sound Saves by envisioning an awakened world united in truth. He told me a story about his rock bottom moment while in Colorado Springs, 12 years ago on a stormy night, drove to the snowy mountains of Pikes Peak with plans to drive off the mountain, feeling hopeless. Divine intervention saved his life as he was touched by “God” with his vision, ultimately leading him to abandon plans of ending his life.

1400806_10202594365205577_1122186763_oGregory Evans. G. Preston Tyiir. Big G.

A best friend. A mentor. A business partner. A guardian angel. You saved my life and the lives of so many others.

You overcame huge challenges and obstacles in life. You asked questions and took genuine interest in us. You treated everyone equally, like family. You had a confident spirit and a big vision.

When we met, you were drawn to my orange office wall and we got along right away talking about life. You were managing a team of rappers led by Kajmir Royale and made a song for my sports company. I would volunteer to help you with music videos, write scripts, share movies that opened us up to new knowledge, work in the studio in downtown Denver, put on concerts, move office desks and chairs from place to place, and watch Broncos football games. We were always discussing life and business.

You allowed me the opportunity to read your journals where you poured out your soul on paper about your life growing up, your family, daughter, and your found spirituality. It hurt you so much to be away from your family for awhile. Your hope was to evolve into God’s purpose.

Your soul sought balance, spirituality, and compassion, knowing a soul’s compassion was achieved over time through error and extremes.

From his journal in 1998 G wrote “I thank you father, in the name of love for sharing and showing me how to live a life of positivity and dedication to what’s right and just.”

You were always quick to lend a hand, stayed on the phone with me when I was going through tough times. You were a strong man.

You were supportive of my new relationship with my girlfriend, another troubled soul. On New Years eve this year we told you that we loved you and we meant it with all our heart and soul.

10535579_10204842957578981_5821209309688937111_oYou strove for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. You were consistent: a rock. You taught dedication and perseverance. In business and life you wanted to have the merit of doing good honest business. You started a foundation for a vision and concept in the entertainment industry called Don’t Sleep. You poured your energy, heart, and soul to bring oxygen to this vision. Through dedication and perseverance the dream came true in Denver and eventually moved the operations to Hollywood.

You wanted us to stand on our own two legs. You had exceptional character, gave everyone a second chance, sometimes a third or a forth chance.

Your heart was refined in fire, fighting off the evils in the world, staying strong through it all. You had A Golden Heart.

“No matter how negative the experience, within it are the seeds of an equivalent or greater benefit.” You wrote those words and it couldn’t be truer now.

We must fulfill G’s vision and wake up the world.

Here’s a poem from G’s journals called Rainy days and smiling ways.

“My child it’s no secret we are from the same place. I asked the Lord to show me your face. He said, lay back, close your eyes, and your smile will appear. Many years have passed but our time is very near. Always remember the good things for the clouds make rain but the heavens must open to relieve our pains. Hurt only lasts for a little while, and joy is a lifetime thing.

Smell the sweetness of the flowers, spring time, and let’s sing. Look up to the sky, see the moon and the sun, the stars, the black night, just touch your precious heart and know everything will be alright. Love is forever, I must thank the Lord he brought us together. My love is in you.

As you reflect upon the past of confusion or look in the mirror and know your future stands bright. In you there, I am always.”

In conclusion, here’s what you can do to live on his legacy. Be curious always searching for the truth, unsatisfied with the mainstream knowledge that is fed to us. Always have an open mind and heart. Support others, helping them get their feet solid on the ground. Most of all love yourself, love others, and love music! Don’t Sleep. Big G Rest in Peace. We love you. – Mike Will Downey


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