Get To Know Grammy Award Winning Rapper Sirah

By Alexandria Giles

Grammy award winning rapper Sirah has been busy this year touring with a couple of well known duos, from the Swedish duo, Icona Pop to American duo, Twenty One Pilots. Before Sirah’s show with Twenty One Pilots this Friday in Denver at the Bluebird Theater, Alexandria Giles had a chance pick the rappers’ brain about her music and life on tour.

From reading your bio, I know that you said that you’ve transcended out of underground hip hop and reside in musical purgatory where people try to label you themselves. How would you describe your style of music?

Haha…I actually wrote my bio, so I guess that’s how I did describe it. Beyond that I’m not really sure, if I had to make another attempt I guess it’s indie hip pop, dark, moody, angry, happy. I think I make the music I was hoping someone else would make, the space that I felt like no one had really filled.

Who has been your inspiration for music and why?

My father is a huge inspiration for me, this was his dream and I feel like I’ve been able to allow him to live it through me in spirit even though he’s passed.

I know that you were just on tour with Icona Pop and K. Flay, what did you most enjoy about touring with them? What are you most looking forward to with this tour with Twenty One Pilots?

I loved that tour, the girls in Icona Pop were so sweet and so much fun it was incredible seeing where they were before and then watching them headline a US tour. K. Flay and everyone on her team have now turned into my favorite people in the world. They pulled me out of a very dark time, my best friend passed away a month before tour, I will always be grateful I was with them. Kristine is incredible and her music changed me. This tour with 21 Pilots & Robert Delong has only just begun and I have already learned so much, they’re all so dedicated and incredibly talented, it’s inspiring beyond words.

From looking at your tour dates, I see that you will be on tour for two months. During those couple of months, I’m sure you will be crazy busy and tired. How do you keep up your energy at each show while on tour?

Maaaaad vitamins, I’m low key a tour mom. I have everything you’ve ever needed in my backpack, lots of sleeping and attempting to eat real food.
Before each show, is there a ritual that you do to get you pumped and ready to perform? Such as pray or something.
I wish I could say we prayed, I pray silently in my head before every show, but in terms of me and the boys, we play trap music and do a football huddle while yelling out “QUALITY!!!!”

Out of the songs that you are performing on Friday, is there one particular song that hits home for you? If so, why?

I’d definitely go with “Icarus,” it seems to be a theme in my life. I dedicated it to my best friend Tom that passed away, it’s about my father and all the other wonderful people in my life that have been taken by ego, drugs, fame, etc.

What can fans expect at your show on Friday? What do you want them to walk away with?

I’m not sure what they can/should expect. I’m shorter in real life, I’d like them to walk away in some way changed by the show, and if not at least a picture to remember the time some small insane girl yelled at them while throwing candy atop their head.

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