Sleeping Babys Release Inspiring ‘Resistor’

From the moment we heard Sleeping Baby’s amazing pop rock track sent to us from Australia through Music X Ray, we fell in love with the song! Thankfully we got to catch up with Sleeping Baby’s lead singer Stacie Richardson.

“Writing songs for us has been therapeutic, to say the least…building an indie band organically just feels right…even though it’s hard. We are not stimulated by the catchy throwaway sound….& not afraid to have few hidden meanings in our tunes along with a strong message….we are grateful to create & have little expectations….Music can be a complete state change at any given moment!”

Learn more about Sleeping Baby’s music at their official web site listen / watch below

“Lyrically RESISTOR was inspired purely by my Kabbalah studies. I have been a student of the Kabbalah Centre for a few years now & it was a song that was destined to be written. Kabbalah teaches us the mysteries of the universe & helps us find our real true purpose in life….as corny as that may sound, it actually works.
The song kind of wrote itself & is described as modern & melodic indie rock/pop & I’d love to write another song as inspiring as this one soon!” says Stacie.

Resistor asks some important life questions.

It is a subtle reminder that for every action there is a reaction…..

Anger, cruelty, in consideration or any negativity, can be transformed by

following the side of ourselves that leads us onto a more positive path……

to discover the best version of ourselves.

We can turn any darkness we create, into light…..& bring

light to others when they are in darkness too.’

Another quote; We will be taking some time off touring & working on new songs….
but will throw in a couple of Sydney dates here & there.
We are also completing 2 more singles to release at the end of the year & 2018.

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