How To Get Your Music Accepted by Artists and Repertoire

Understanding why your music isn’t being accepted by Artists and A&R’s will help you overcome the frustrations many producers face. Here is a list of the of 7 common reasons why your beats are not being accepted.

The beat needs to fit the artist style

Do your research prior to sending out your work to artist’s and A&R’s . Know what kind of tracks the artist likes and what kind of tracks they recently recorded too. This will help you gauge the type of sound and the quality of music they are currently looking for.

Don’t put more than one tag on a beat

Many producers like to feature their i.d. tag throughout the beats they send out.  The reality is you only have 15-20 seconds to keep the artist attention and to intrigue them into listening to more of your track. You do not  want to waste any of this time by featuring an element in the track that will not be present if the track is accepted.

Instead you should always include your contact info in the meta data of the mp3′s and in the emails you send out. Also you should always take the proper steps to copyright your material especially if you don’t feel comfortable sending your tracks to the recipient.

Share a vision with the artist 

As a producer you know exactly how a artist should perform on your track. But a lot of times a artist will not have the same vision as you and that means you will need to articulate your vision to them.

A great way of doing this is by working with a skilled songwriter and have them record scratch lyrics or simply add a chorus idea on the track.  This gives the artist a blueprint of how they should perform on your track.

Use samples that are easy to clear 

Maybe you got a hot track but its features a sample that will be difficult and expensive to get cleared.
Depending on the type of sample used it may be best to work with some skilled instrumentalists to replay the sample and to add your own twist to it.

Send High quality, mixed tracks

If your engineering skills are not up to par, it will be a good idea to work with  good engineer to mix your tracks down before you send your tracks out. Artist and A&R’s use high quality speakers and headphones and a properly mixed track will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. It will also make it convenient for the artist as now they can record to your track instantly.

Make sure your sound is current

You don’t want to send tracks that sound like last years sound and for that matter you don’t want to send tracks that sound like today’s sound. (As the producers who made whats on the radio right now were tracks created over a year ago.)
Being  a producer in this industry you have to stay on the cutting edge and constantly push the envelope of your sound . To stand out you need a sound that is new and unique while still  maintaining the elements that are popular in today’s production.

Ensure the artist and A & R listens to your track 

Their email could of gotten flooded by other aspiring producers and your track may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Whenever a opportunity to get a track placed arrives you must act quickly before the artist email is bombarded.
Also this is where having some form of representation can come in handy. Artist and A&R’s give first priority to Producers and Managers whom they have already built a working relationship with.


Patience and persistence is key when trying to get music placements. Making sure your music isn’t falling into the above “7 reasons” will  definitely improve your chances of getting your music placed. Are you taking the proper steps to help your music stand out from the crowd?

New York City Based Candomusos is the Global Voice for Disabled Musicians

Candomusos was established to become the global voice for challenged musicians all over the world. Our aim is to promote and support musicians with any kind of disability. The name comes from the idea that having a “Can Do attitude” is the first step toward success. A “Muso” or “musos” are terms used widely in England and Australia to describe a musician or group of musicians with passion and dedication to their music. The two words joined together to form a unique name and way of describing our vision.

Co-founder David Segal says, “We had a meeting, or summit of sorts, on how we could come together to start an organization that would empower disabled musicians.” Andrew was in the US for the first time from Australia has Cerebral Palsy; Mike was in from Tennessee also has Cerebral Palsy and David, originally of New York, from Connecticut has Arthrogryposis. We recently added Drummer Joe Hardy to our team. Mr. Hardy, born with no legs, is based in the Anaheim area and plays in the hard rock band Unit 287.
On the website the term “challenges” is used instead of disability, because sadly quite often the word disability is misinterpreted as inability. As of October 13th they have 125 members on the site representing 14 countries from across the world. Andrew Hewitt says, “We wish to change the negative attitudes and turn them into positives.”

Candomusos was started by Drummers David Segal, Dom Famularo, Andrew Hewitt and Mike Mignogna in March 2013 at Dom’s WizDom Drumshed in Long Island, New York. Dom Famularo is well-known drummer and clinician who inspires people all over the world. Socially they can be found at and


A Legend Today, Tomorrow & Next Week

A Legend Today, Tomorrow & Next Week

As I look out my window waking up in the middle of the night, first thing I see is the street….
It reminds me that I’m gonna be a Legend Today, Tomorrow, And next week….
The black top, what us black males use to get to the top!
Where red blood is shed right under the red sign that reads STOP!
Where kids grow up fast, because both parents weren’t around to watch!
The same streets, which helped Jordan, make it to the league….
The same streets, which allowed Bolt to have the quickest feet….
And plenty other legends of Today, Tomorrow, and Next week!
A legend I am to be!!….Just because of the streets!!….
With multiple choices: slang rock, slang pussy, slang dreams or slang ya heat…
Robbery, fast money, plenty drugs, and now wheels that spin….
Gold rings, gold chains, and now gold teeth when you grin….
You pray to God every night, but still, you sin.
Fill your body up with liquor, throw up, and say you won’t do it again….
But it’s all to be a legend, one of Today, Tomorrow, and Next Week.
Trying to become this legend, but now you took time to think!
Ok, I got Today and Tomorrow, but what about in 2 weeks?
Will Smith be the Legend again?
Will I be another number in the Federal or state pen?
Because the street life is the quickest way to get…a “NIGGA” in!!
But you still want to take a shot at being the big man….
So you still run the streets, wanting to be that legend, but now you run em with a plan….
Get Money and Get Out, because that’s what the streets about….
But you love all the clout,
Now the cops got you in their head count!!!!
Took the gamble, because life is really all a big bet!
No cell phone now, and the only calls you can make are collect!!
Legend to be, stuck, living the life they compare to hell….
Ya niggaz, said they love you, but still aint put shit up for bail….
Ya bitch, is getting fucked, but sending love letters in the mail!
Now, after years in jail, the judge released you, from your cell….
Read a couple books, so now you claim to be a better male….
Hmm…Fresh out, and you wanna take the job route,
But your body is filled wit tattoos and you have permanent gold in your mouth….
Still want to be a better man, but now your mind has doubt.
Plus the homies hit you up; they heard you touched down….
Picked up the phone, just so you could see what they were talkin bout….
“WE OUT HERE GETTIN MONEY!!” is the first thing them niggaz shout….
You laugh; say “Yal trippin man, I’m on a different path”
They laugh, tell you what’s up, and break down the simple math with it….sounded drastic,
Then they say “My nigga, you an ex-con, you tellin me you wanna ask niggaz….Paper or Plastic?”
You told em again, that aint you, you gotta be here for your kid,
Thought it was time to hang up, so you tol em “I’ll holla at yal niggaz”, then you did….
A legend to be, of Today, Tomorrow, and next week!
Jobs still aint came in, aint shit changed but the wind….
So you call ya nigga back, say “My bad bout last week, but neways, IM IN”
Thoughts come back of you, being that Hood Legend,
But only for Today, Tomorrow, and next week because you still aint learned your lesson….
And tonight is the night, you live up to that dream.
A Legend, with a pistol, ready to kill anything!
But shit aint go right, ya niggaz aint stick to the plan
Bullets start flying, and suddenly, down goes ya man
You start bustin back, tried hard and did all that you can….
But had to make a move quick, because you just heard a siren!
A legend to be….and here lies proof….
Cops from every way “HANDS UP OR WE’LL SHOOT”
Homies got away, one dead, but there was nothing you could do!
Be a Legend an shoot, but you know you won’t make it….
So you put your hands up, heat down, an watched em take it….
Handcuffed now, but there’s a plea! Yea, you can take it!
But then you’ll be a BITCH, and life? Yea, you’ll hate it!
Because you’ll be known as a SNITCH….
And a fags fan favorite!
So you kept your mouth shut….Hood principle to a man….
But then, you woke up and realized you had gone to sleep again….
Opened your blinds, seen the streets and took a good look.
Sunny day now, so you brush your teeth then go grab your books….
On the way to school is the front, because the streets have you Hooked
When you’re really pursuing being a Legend
Next Week

Written by: Yurz Trill’ly


Booking Side 3 Studios

Major Improvements announced to Side 3 Studios in Denver, CO and Los Angeles, CA.

Contact for more information.

Side 3 now offers consulting, Management, Promotions, Marketing, Social Media, Analytics, Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Live Sound, Videos, Graphics, Photography, or Web Development.

Side 3 Studios is Denver Colorado’s premier recording studio and multimedia facility. It houses a rotating control room, which puts a whole new spin on the average recording studio set-up.

Side 3 is a Denver recording studio capable of recording, editing, mixing and mastering of Hip Hop to forty piece orchestras to jazz trios and voice overs. Side 3 Recording Studios provides you with a substantial collection of new and vintage gear, and one of the larger recording spaces in Colorado.

Equipped with Pro-Tools HD and Apogee converters, Side 3 is a Colorado Recording Studio that offers a top notch recording experience with a large private lounge for all of your business and entertainment needs.

Side 3 is a hybrid facility that integrates top of the line analog gear with today’s most advanced digital technology and software. Side 3 offers both audio recording, engineering, and full service video production for broadcast television and original programming

Side 3 Clients

Kanye West
Ryan Tedder

Faith Hill
Enrique Iglesias
Justin Bieber
Natasha Beddingfield
Three 6 Mafia
Carmelo Anthony
Bow Wow
Paul Wall
Talib Kweli
James Blunt
Young Buck
Universal Records
Atlantic Records
J Records
Bizzy Bone
Benny Blanco
DJ Frank E!
Janelle Monae
DJ Kayslay
Nikki Flores
Black Dada
Krizz Kaliko
Joe Budden
The Latitude Experience
Exit 119
Joshua Novak
The Denver Philharmonic Orchestra
Aloke Dutta
The D.L.P.
Destiny’s Child
The Brighton Symphony Orchestra
Mai Lynn
Bad Boy Bill
D.J. Chonz
Busta Rhymes
Bun B
CBS Sports
NBA Entertainment
Yamagata Broadcasting
Fox Sports Net
Altitude Sports
Word UP! Church
Chingo Bling
The Denver Broncos
Tehama Sportswear
D.J. Bedz
La La
Professional Finance Company
Reggie Rivers
Burgers and Sports
Four Leaf Chopped Salads


Side 3 Offerings

Vocals – Their vocal booth was built and tuned around the human voice, you’ve got to hear yourself in this room.

Mixing – Whether you’ve recorded with them or not, they can take your mix to the next level.

Full Band Tracking – Their tracking room sounds greats too; and you can play all together! Easy load-in and super-flexible hours/engineers.

Mastering – Top-notch, affordable and local.

Production – Neep help guiding your projects towards your musical goal? Need original music? Either way, they’ve got you covered!

Live Sound – Their full live sound rig can blow the roof off your next event (if needed) Engineer included

Videos – Eye-catching, creative, and polished promotional and music videos.

Graphics – Whether its album packaging designed or just a flyer for a show, make sure you grab people’s attention right away and stand out with stunning graphics.

Photography – Every press kit needs some fresh pics to show off your style. Our in-house photo studio provides quick and painless glam.

Web Development – From fully interactive websites that are easy to update to make your YouTube page look pro, we’ll put that extra spark into your web presence.

More – Not to mention, their full bar, spacious lounge/game room, rooftop patio, pre-production rooms, etc.


Clients since 2008 include Wiz Khalifa, Lecrae, Kid Ink, Kanye West, Ryan Tedder, Faith Hill, Enrique Iglesias, Justin Bieber, Natasha Beddingfield, Flo-Rida, Ludacris, Three 6 Mafia, Tiesto, Carmelo Anthony, T-Pain, Bow Wow, Omarion, Paul Wall, Talib Kweli, James Blunt, Tyga, Yelawolf, Trapt, Young Buck, B.O.B., Universal Records, Atlantic Records, J Records, Bizzy Bone, Trina, Benny Blanco, DJ Frank E!, Janelle Monae, Donnis, DJ Kayslay, Nikki Flores, Madhuri, Hwood, Train, Black Dada, Krizz Kaliko, K’nann, ICP, Joe Budden, EMC, The Latitude Experience, Exit 119, Joshua Novak, The Denver Philharmonic Orchestra, Aloke Dutta, The D.L.P., Swingtime, NSYNC, Destiny’s Child, The Brighton Symphony Orchestra, Mai Lynn, Bad Boy Bill, D.J. Chonz, 3LW, Busta Rhymes, Bun B, NBC, CBS Sports, ESPN, NBA Entertainment, Yamagata Broadcasting, Fox Sports Net, Altitude Sports, KCNC-TV, KWGN-TV, Word UP! Church, Jadakiss, Chingo Bling, MSG, The Denver Broncos, Tehama Sportswear, D.J. Bedz, La La, Professional Finance Company, Reggie Rivers, Burgers and Sports, Four Leaf Chopped Salads and USGA.


Bow Wow Frank E Kanye West Omarion Paul Wall Ryan-Tedder Live Sound Graphic Design BOB RKelly TIP Justin-Bieber





Jeff Brinkman Performs on The X-Factor

[youtube id=”op1_R6iNTxc” width=”620″ height=”360″]


Plenty of Coloradans would say that Jeff Brinkman has the X factor, and now millions found out why when the Longmont singer-songwriter appeared on the Season 3 premiere of Fox reality show “The X Factor” on Thursday, September 12, 2013. The judges all gave Brinkman stellar reviews Simon Cowell was quoted saying “brilliant vocal – naturally great voice”, Demi Lovato “beautiful recording voice, someone that will sell records”, Paulina Rubio “fresh and original”, and Kelly Rowland “beautiful and genuine”.

“It’s been cool. The whole experience was really different. It was definitely outside of the box for me. I couldn’t have my guitar in hand. I just had to sing for a bunch of strangers.” – Brinkman said.
The decision to audition for “The X Factor” was a big and somewhat sudden step forward. “Honestly, some of my friends and bandmates asked me to try out for it and I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it or not,” Brinkman said. “I’ve been doing music for a while, as you know. I really wanted to try and see if I could reach a larger fan base, so it was my attempt to get on the radar of a lot more people and see how far I can go.”

Though early auditions and filming already have taken place, Brinkman is not allowed to discuss much about the competition. If he survives the first round, he’ll be put into one of four categories with a judge as a “mentor.” Ultimately, though, success comes down to an audience vote.

Jeff Brinkman is a blend of folk, indie, pop, rock and something more. While acoustic guitars, cello, upright bass ride a tapestry of percussion and drums. Jeff’s mesmerizing vocals tell a story everyone can relate to. “The X Factor” already has helped launch the careers of many stars who sign with major record labels and even develop their own TV series.

When Jeff Brinkman left his songwriting days in Iowa for the indie music scene in Colorado nine years ago, he was in search of exposure—but not the kind that brings fame and fortune. Rather, he wanted an outlet to get his message of hope across; and as of late, he’s found it, playing numerous events for the Love Hope Strength Foundation and performing with the Delivering Happiness Bus Tour. Both organizations collaborate with musicians and artists across the country to raise money and awareness about cancer.

Despite the potential to go big, Brinkman hasn’t forgotten his roots. About two years ago, a friend asked him to write a song and do a video for the 10-year-old son of a woman who was dying of cancer. It was the impetus to commit full-time to his music. “I lost my mom to cancer when I was 10, so it was something I was happy to do,” Brinkman says. In the wake of his latest album, however, fame is not his primary motivator. “I just try to actually say something with my music and put out messages of hope and kindness to others,” he says. “It’s kind of a pay-it-forward thing.”

Reviewers have described Jeff Brinkman as a cross between Dave Matthews and Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz—an apt comparison—but Brinkman’s voice is a dead ringer for Ray LaMontagne.

You can purchase Brinkman’s newest album ‘Strange’ on iTunes and stay tuned for many upcoming shows, songs, and more.

* References: Colorado Daily, Colorado Sound, and Daily Camera.

SMOKEDOWN Vol. 1: Fall Harvest featuring Method Man & Redman LIVE IN CONCERT


Lightshade Labs & Sound Hype are thrilled to announce the SMOKEDOWN Vol. 1: Fall Harvest, featuring hip-hop legends, Method Man & Redman, at Ogden Theater on Saturday, September 21, 2013. $20 in-store for Lightshade Labs members!

John Friztel, one of the owners of LIGHTSHADE, explains why they are promoting this as a full-on event, not just a concert: ” SMOKEDOWN Vol. 1: Fall Harvest will be more than just a hip hop concert. LIGHTSHADE & The Collective 360 will create an event experience, not just a show. At Fall Harvest 2013, there will be education of Medical Marijuana and how things might change with the Recreational Marijuana poised to take effect January 1, 2014. Also, the entire venue will be transformed into an interactive experience for guests including onstage demonstration, vendor booths, raffles, giveaways, and of course, a 1-hour LIVE hip hop show featuring Method Man & Redman!


TICKETS >> $27.50 in advance, $20 in-store for Lightshade Labs members!


Opening act: The Foodchain

Denver Touted as New Nashville

Denver Has Recently been called the “New Nashville” for it’s live music scene and amount of bands and artists being signed to major deals.

Like Nashville, Denver has a vibrant music and entertainment scene spanning a variety of genres. The Denver Performing Arts Center is the major performing arts center of the city.

Numerous music clubs, concert halls, and bars can be found in downtown Denver, including concerts on roof tops like that at Jackson’s Denver.

Bands similar to Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age, like In The Whale will be performing for Rock on the Roof at Jackson’s Denver,this Saturday, July 6 – only $5 to get in! Presented by WhiteOut303, Sound Hype & Five Hype, sponsored by Coors Light, UV Vodka, and KTCL Channel 933. Come party with us!

KarmaLoop Streetwear, Art, & Music

Karma Loop and Sound Hype are taking over Suite 200 for Good Karma:

Streetwear Fashion Music and Art Event

Event Time: 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Karma Loop Streetwear Concert Ad

Special Performances by

  • Casey Veggies
  • AD
  • Unit 27
  • Black P
  • H Wood
  • Myke Charles
  • Ace Outrageous
  • Trev Rich

Hosted by

  • Carissa Rossi of Karma Loop TV
  • Adrian Swish of Tha Alumni Music Group

Sponsored by

  • Pandora Radio
  • Ciroc
  • Company Brand
  • Dyme Lyfe
  • Unit 27
  • NANR
  • Swish
  • Suite 200
  • Buckley Mega
  • Clothes Minded
  • Heet
  • Soapoint
  • Arrogant Bastard Clothing
  • Brick Harbor
  • Censored Wear
  • Whiteout 303
  • So Gnar
  • Alumni
  • Tall T
  • Infatue


Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite

Myke Charles Announces Performance at Good Karma

Aceoutrageous Announces Performance at Good Karma

H Wood Announces Denver Performance at Good Karma



AD Announces Denver Performance

AD Announces Denver Performance

Karma Loop Streetwear Concert

Email for more info