Sound Hype’s: Top 10 Athletes Turned Rappers

Sound Hype is back with another Top 10 list, this time we shed light on Athletes Turned Rappers. Athletes and entertainers exist in a similar stratosphere of private jets and seemingly indispensable wealth. So it probably shouldn’t be shocking that so many prominent athletes, from all sports, have dabbled in singing and rapping. You would think people that have reached such a lofty perch in their given fields would be more than happy with all of the money and adulation. But theres always the “Yes Men” in the room that will tell these athletes that their greatness goes beyond their talents. Athletes want to be rappers, and rappers want to be athletes, some are better than others, but no athletes have made a good career out of rapping. Stick to your day job!

Without further adieu, lets get to the shenanigans:

10. #AdrianBroner

9. #JohnCena

8. #DeionSanders

7. #RoyJonesJr

6. #MettaWorldPeace

5. #FloydMayweather

4. #AllenIverson

3. #ShaquilleOneal

2. #KobeBryant

1. #LebronJames

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