Denver Artist Typhy Reflects On Nas Support

By Alexandria Giles

Denver artist Typhy is on the rise with his music career. The local artist recently opened up for legendary rapper Nas at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Alexandria Giles had a chance to interview Typhy after the show to learn more about the rapper.

How did you become interested in music?

My best friends started this group called A-club when they were like 4th graders. They kept rocking with it till high school. We had this cool studio in the basement at our school (DSA). I would always see them getting it in. Finally, they started recording at my cousin Mikey’s house, so I would go there with them to peep what they would come up with. I was the funny guy of the group so I would get on the mic and do skits for them. Nothing serious.

Then one day my best friend at the time, Julian Thomas (Air Dubai), we were chilling at this house in the summer time, and he said “Yo dude I wrote a rap, but I have never shown anyone.” Naturally I said “Kick that shit.” I knew he was into hip hop, something I wasn’t into heavily myself at the time. So, when he spit his words, it was the illest thing I have ever seen him do. I had no idea he had it in him. So it inspired me to write a rap. I don’t know how it happened but I had an A-club beat CD with like 30 beats. So Julian and I just wrote that whole day. Julian and I ended up showing the A-club cats our verses, and they inducted us into the group just like that. So we started getting on songs.

Where did “Typhy” come from?

When I was younger I really liked Hyphy Music, ya know bay area shit. The beats were very high energy and crazy, so were the lyrics. The music fit my personality, so I just dropped the “H” and added a “T” to Hyphy…henh!

Getting the opportunity to open for legendary rapper Nas is something that many artists dream about. How did you get this opportunity?

I met these guys who run this Extreme Sports Company called SO-GNAR. We had an agreement that they would sponsor my music endeavors. With them I have embarked on the ILLEST adventures of my life. The Nas show was actually supposed to feature Mos Def. I was all stoked for that you already know. I was gonna pay homage to New York Rap by reciting the first verse of Nas’s “New York State of Mind”. Then, I’m sitting at my laptop and I get an email saying “Mos is no longer performing, but NAS has been confirmed. It’s safe to say I was having mad heart attacks the month of October. I owe it all to the SO-GNAR fam for fighting to get me on that bill.
I couldn’t even imagine what was going through your head before the show.

What was it like opening up for Nas?

Nas is my favorite rapper. Even aside from his lyrics. He represents how far you can take yourself through freedom of speech. He has a foundation in Harvard. Meaning he is appreciated by Ivy League education. Meaning his words hold weight. The energy that I got from him could be felt from miles. The inspiration. The motivation. The gratitude. So much went through my mind. Was I ready? Did I deserve it? Who would be there? Would it blizzard? Hahaha. I was entering in out of complete elation and complete skepticism in my head. I was so happy I was scared that I was that happy. But, then I put all my energy into practicing my lyrics, and working with my DJ, Furbie Cakes, and also spreading the word. Then, it happened. I opened for NASTY NAS on my first big show as a solo artist. No one could ever take that from ya boy. If I died tomorrow people would see my name on that bill in all caps “T-Y-P-H-Y.”

Were you able to meet your favorite rapper at the show?

Na, and honestly that would be too much. I’ll admire from afar and nearby at the same time. haha.

One more question! What do you have planned for the future with your career?

Got some tight shit in the works. I gotta hone in on my MC qualities so I’m working on that a lot right now. I got some performances in the works with the SO-GNAR cats. Stay tuned.

Currently Typhy is not signed to a label, but with his talent is sure to be picked up soon. Interested in Typhy’s music? Listen to a couple of his songs on sound cloud.

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