World Be Free Campaign Uniting People Through Music To End Global Poverty

Inspired by bravery of those that walk to end Alzheimer’s and the strength of those that run to cure cancer.

The World Be Free Campaign is inviting 10,000 everyday people to “Sing To Fight Poverty!”

The World Be Free Campaign (WBFC)  is a non profit organization that unites people through music to serve and help fund charities fighting poverty in the US and worldwide.

Founded by Sanyika Street,  WBFC’s 2015 campaign is a world tour uniting the voices of 10,000 everyday people to create “The World’s Greatest Love Song.” Our goal is to raise over $1 million dollars to support charities fighting poverty and provide a voice for millions of people in need.

How do we unite 10,000 people? How do we raise over $1 Million Dollars? How do we provide a voice for millions in need?

Flash Mob Concert Series

Our Kickoff Flash Mob Concert is Valentine’s Day 2015.

It’s a concert version of “We Are The World” where the celebrities are the causes we support and the performers are people like YOU!


Through our campaign we’ll be impacting people in need of emergency food relief, homeless/refugee shelters and those furthering their education as they transition out of poverty.

Join The Movement, Become An Ambassador. Visit WorldBeFree.Org.

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