Yim Tip Delivers Hip-Hop Rhymes For Suburbia

Yim Tip represents a generation that never outgrew its rebelliousness, where people often have to compromise themselves and their wants to attain greater financial freedom. He creates a world that reflects his experiences, relatable to most children of the 90s. Born into a military family Yim, grew accustomed to change at a young age. After settling down in northern Virginia for his formative years, that sense of wanting change never escaped Yim, and saw him growing bored and unfulfilled. After transferring schools and graduating to settling down into a comfortable entry-level job, he began wondering (like most do)- what’s next? He had been writing and rapping under a number of monikers since about 18 years of age, stating “Pretty much every white kid who smokes pot thinks he can rap.” For him, it became much more of an emotional release than anything else. It became his way of dealing with rejection, unrequited love, and the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness that comes from knowing how your life should play out. Now, at the ripe age of 23 and feeling like the rap game’s T.S. Eliot, he know it is time to see what the future holds for him.

With, Suburban and White, the debut EP from northern Virginia native, Yim hopes to give back to the audience that feels like they have lost some of the freedom they had since graduating high school and college and have entered, “the real world”. “My music should take people on an emotional journey, through the ups and downs of day-to-day life, while not lacking perspective. We know who we are; our struggles aren’t the greatest by any means, but sometimes the emotional weight of living unfulfilled lives can be too heavy to hold on our own. I provide support.”

Suburban and White EP: “Forged in the pits of post-adolescence comes Suburban and White, the debut EP from northern Virginia native Yim. About the quiet sadness we carry from living normal, boring lives and the crazy things we do to compensate, Suburban and White is music for the kid in everyone… The kid that wants to be loud and doesn’t know why.”

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Yim Tip


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